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A man, after he has brushed off the dust and chips of his life, will have left only the hard, clean questions: Was it good or was it evil? Have I done well - or ill?

East of Eden - John Steinbeck (via classicbooks101)


Just wrapped up my first run as a principle in a musical… in the local community theater… Take that as you will.


Super stoked that the professional photographer’s photos were uploaded onto dropbox today, only to go online and find out that I am only in the group photo. In a cast of over 50, that means I am approximately the size of a postage stamp even when the photo is blown up to the size of my laptop screen.

I know this is a petty little problem, but just one freaking professional photo showing me up a little closer would have been nice, you know? I mean, I was Eponine in Les Mis, for Pete’s sake, not chorus girl #4. As an ensemble member, I expected and understood when this happened. It made sense. I just thought it would be different when I made the jump to principle. Turns out, Marius, Gavroche, and Adult Cosette were shafted, too. Really, really disappointed in how that all worked out.

Bet you $10 that when I’m back in ensemble, the photos will all be of the leads again. Oh well.


Trying to see the silver lining: at least there aren’t any pictures with unflattering angles. =D

Regardless, I had tons of fun and got to be onstage every weekend singing one of the best angsty. unrequited love songs ever. I will just live with my backstage photos and get geared up for the next show.

"To love another person is to see the face of God."

The Thenardier ladies!

The Thenardier ladies!

#Tennis courts in #springtime. Now if only I had the time to actually play. Maybe after #lesmiserables&#8230;

#Tennis courts in #springtime. Now if only I had the time to actually play. Maybe after #lesmiserables…

megan hilty  television credits | 2007 - 2014

I totally forgot about that Bones episode! This calls for another Bones marathon.

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Let’s get some fresh eyes on our Electric Loss Music Video! Contribute animation, graphic design, illustration & more!


ANIMATORS: Using MukeiRoyalty’s key art PSD files, find creative ways of combining the green screen dancers into the video. Animate various graphical treatments of the green screen dancers.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Remix resources that helps combine the animated and live action worlds. Design graphical treatments to incorporate green screen dancers in the animated world.

VIDEO EDITORS: Create test edits that successfully combines the green screen dancers with the animation. Discover a narrative and stylistic thru line that combines all the material into one video.

CURATORS: Find resources outside of the collaboration that helps bring these worlds together.

ILLUSTRATORS: Illustrate storyboards that lend direction to the video.

WRITERS: Write a treatment that lends direction to the overall piece.


Contribute to the “ELECTRIC LOSS” collab HERE!